Hair Transplant in the United Kingdom vs Turkey
Hair Transplant in the UK vs TurkeyHair Transplant in the United KingdomHair Transplant in Turkey
Listing TypePlastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery
CategoryHair TransplantHair Transplant
Average Experience10+ years of experienced surgeonsExperience of 15+ years
Accepting New Patients?11
Performed ByBoth Male and Female SurgeonBoth Male and Female Surgeon
Insurance AcceptedA Hair Transplant is cosmetic surgery. Insurance companies rarely cover plastic surgery claims. The insurance will only pay if it can be proven that the surgery was performed for a medical reason.National Insurance Global Insurance
Education Qualification RequiredMedical School Surgical Training (CT1 and CT2) Specialty Training (ST3 – ST6) Super Specialist Training (ST7 – ST8)Bachelor’s Degree In Medicine MD In Plastic Surgery Residency In Hair Transplant Surgery
MembershipsBritish Association of Hair Restoration Surgery – BAHRSInternational Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Turkish Medical Association
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Types Of SurgeryFUE hair transplant DHI hair restoration FUTFollicular unit transplantation (FUT) Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
Techniques UsedFollicular Unit Transplant Follicular Unit Extraction Gro UK MicrosurgeryFUT technique, FUE technique
International Patients Come From MainlyUSA, India, GermanyUK Canada USA
Required LicensesCQC registration
ExperienceSurgeons in the United Kingdom have more than ten years of experience. Their expertise contributes to the best possible outcomes from the surgeries. Hospitals in the United Kingdom are well-equipped with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a high success rate for surgeries. International patients are given special services to make their treatment more comfortable.Past clients have expressed their appreciation for Turkey’s plastic surgeons. Hair Transplant operations are effectively carried out by skilled surgeons. Turkey is a well-liked travel destination, and its hospitals offer top-notch care. Additionally, the hospital offers particular help to foreign patients to make their procedure travel in Turkey smoother.
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Tests Required Before SurgeryCBC, HCV, Bleeding time, Clotting time, PTCBC, HCV, PT, APTT, Random blood sugar, HBs AG
Recovery Time And ProcessThe average recovery time for hair transplant patients is three days. For the first two weeks following your procedure, you must be extremely cautious with your newly transplanted hair.2 to 5 days after the procedure – return to work. 3 months – new hair grows
Surgery Duration6 – 7 hrs4-8 Hrs
Success Rate99.95%99.85%
Time Required For Final ResultsThe entire set of results should be seen after 12 to 18 months.100% of hair transplant results in 9 to 12 months
Payment OptionsBank Transfer, Cash, Credit or Debit cards.Credit Cards, Cash, Online Banking, Cheques, Mobile banking
Insurance Payment ProcessingNational InsuranceNational Insurance
Side EffectsBleeding, Infection, Allergic reaction to the anestheticInfections, Crust or pus drainage around the surgical sites, Scalp pain, itching, and swelling, and Inflammation of hair follicles.
Botched SurgeriesCheap surgeries can result in botched cases, but it happens rarely in the UK.When a surgeon conducts the technique poorly due to inexperience or lack of training, it results in a botched surgery.
Package Cost IncludesPre-consultation and blood tests, Doctor consultation and Planning, FUE or DHI, Needless Anesthesia, Medicines for aftercare, PCR tests, Follow-up careSurgeon’s fee Hospital Charges Surgical facilities Post-surgery Garments Post-surgery consultation Follow Up Tests
Anesthesia RequiredHair transplantation is a simple procedure that is performed under local anesthesia.Hair transplant surgery is carried out under local anesthetic to make patients feel at ease.
Discounts AvailabilityDiscounts are available for patients who pay in advance.There are discounts for multiple operations.
Online Video ConsultationFor foreign patients, a paid online video consultation is available.Online video consultation is available for overseas patients.
Before And After PhotosThe hospital’s website contains before and after photos of surgeries.Photos of the before and after are available upon request and displayed during the consultation.
Discussion With Past PatientsIf a visit to the hospital is requested, a video meeting with a previous patient is arranged after consultation.Following consultation, former patients’ contact information is disclosed with their consent.
Video TestimonialsVideo testimonials are shown when a physical consultation is provided.Video Testimonials are available during physical consultation.
Pressure Garments, Caps And BandagesPressure caps are used after surgery.
Medical Visa For Foreign PatientsHospitals send Medical Visa Invitation letters to international patients to assist them.Hospitals assist overseas patients in obtaining Turkish medical visas by sending them letters of invitation for medical visas.
International Patient ServicesTravel assistance, Pre and post-operative stay, Comfortable hospital stay, Translator, Follow up consultationAccommodation Booking Airport Pickup and Drop Local Transfers SIM Card Currency Exchange
Admission RequiredIn PatientIn Patient
Results PermanentYes, Hair transplant surgery results are permanent.A hair transplant’s results are permanent.
Advance Payment RequirementAdvance Payment Requirement to book an appointmentPayment in advance is necessary for consultation or cross-consultation.
EMI Options AvailabilityEMI Options Available for Hair Transplant PackagesEMI Options Available for Hair Transplant Packages
Package Cost IncludesMethod of liposuction, How many areas are being treated, Surgeon Credentials and Experience, Pre- and post-operative care of the highest caliber, Location of clinic or hospital,Anesthesia Fees Surgeon Fees Routine Medicines Operation Theatre Routine Consumables
Package Cost ExcludesStay in Hospital beyond the package period, Professional charges of other consultants, Cross Consultations, Additions Fat removal apart from the package, Stay in Hotel beyond the package period, Surgeon InvestigationsCross Consultations Extra requested services like Laundry, Telephone, special meals, etc. Stay in the Hotel beyond the package period Treatment of Non-Procedure related conditions Additions Implants apart from package
Low Cost$2500$1800
Average Cost$2700$1600
Maximum Cost$2900$2000
Cost BreakupMedical Test $ 160 – $ 290 Anesthesia $ 270 -$ 380 Medicines $ 290 – $ 580 Surgeon’s fee $ 360 – $ 670 Hospital $ 680 -$ 1100 Surgical facilities $ 80 -$ 780 Post-surgery garments $ 50 – $ 120 Post-surgery consultation $ 190 – $ 240Medical Test $ 130 – $ 220 Anesthesia $ 220 -$ 320 Medicines $ 220 – $ 520 Surgeon’s fee $ 310 – $ 610 Hospital $ 620 -$ 1000 Surgical facilities $ 210 -$ 710 Post-surgery garments $ 30 – $ 110 Post-surgery consultation $ 110 – $ 220

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