Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck in Turkey
Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck in TurkeyLiposuction Surgery in TurkeyTummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey
Listing TypePlastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery
CategoryLiposuctionTummy Tuck
Average ExperienceExperience of 15+ years10+ years of experience
Accepting New Patients?11
Performed ByBoth Male and Female SurgeonBoth Male and Female Surgeon
Insurance AcceptedNational Insurance International InsuranceNational Insurance International Insurance
Education Qualification RequiredBachelor’s Degree in Medicine MD in Plastic Surgery Residency in Plastic and Aesthetic SurgeryBachelor’s Degree In Medical Faculty of Medicine MD in Plastic Surgery Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
MembershipsTurkish Medical Association Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic SurgeonsTurkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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Types Of SurgeryNeck Liposuction Thigh Liposuction Buttocks Liposuction Arm Liposuction Chin Liposuction Breast Liposuction Abdomen Liposuction Calf Liposuction Knee Liposuction Love handles Liposuction Back LiposuctionMini Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty Panniculectomy Standard Tummy Tuck Reverse Tummy Tuck Extended Tummy Tuck
Techniques UsedPower Assisted Liposuction, Super-wet technique, Vaser Liposuction, Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL), Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), Tumescent liposuction (fluid injection)
International Patients Come From MainlyCanada UK USA GermanyUK USA Canada
Required LicensesEuropean Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS)Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JCAHO)
ExperienceThe results of plastic surgery performed in Turkey are renowned for being extraordinarily successful. Because the surgeons in Turkey use cutting-edge technology, previous patients are happy with the outcomes. Surgeons are professionals at producing the greatest results since they have a lot of expertise.The Tummy Tuck Surgeons have more than 15 years of experience providing high-quality procedures. The surgeon and hospital personnel have received positive feedback from previous patients. The hospitals use cutting-edge technology, offer top-notch services, and are JCI accredited. Patients from throughout the world travel to Turkey to have successful Tummy tuck procedures.
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Tests Required Before SurgeryElectrocardiogram, Routine Blood TestsBlood chemistry test, Blood and urine analysis, Pregnancy test
Recovery Time And Process3-4 days off of work, 1-week regular activity, 1-month exercise7-10 days – Return to work, 4-6 weeks – Exercise
Surgery Duration2-3 Hrs1-2 Hrs
Success Rate99.89%99.93%
Time Required For Final Results1-2 months1-2 months
Payment OptionsBank Transfer, Cash, Credit, or Debit cards.Cash, Cheque, credit and debit cards, Mobile banking.
Insurance Payment ProcessingNational InsuranceNational Insurance
Side EffectsLumpy and uneven results, Bleeding under the skinPoor wound healing, Unexpected scarring
Botched SurgeriesRarely any botched Liposuction case can found in TurkeyA botched surgery can occur when a surgeon who lacks expertise or training performs the procedure badly.
Package Cost IncludesAccommodation Booking, Airport Pickup and Drop, Local Transfers, SIM Card and Currency Exchange, Sight Seeing, Language Translation, Food ArrangementsMedical Tests Before Surgery, Medicines, Anesthesia, Surgical facilities, Surgeon’s fee, Garments Hospital Charges, Follow Up Tests, Post-surgery, Post-surgery consultation, Follow Up Consultation, Video Consultation
Anesthesia RequiredFor large-volume liposuction, general anesthesia is necessary.Local Anesthesia is used mostly.
Discounts AvailabilityAnniversary and special occasion discounts are given at the hospital.Discounts are mostly available for patients paying in advance.
Online Video ConsultationFor international patients online video consultation is available.Yes, online video consultation is available, especially for foreign patients.
Before And After PhotosBefore and after photos are provided to the patients during or after the consultation process.During online consultation Before and After Photos are provided.
Discussion With Past PatientsIf interested Turkey hospitals also arrange a meeting with past patients online.After consultation, hospitals also arrange a call with past patients.
Video TestimonialsDuring or After a consultation video testimonials are provided to the patients.During Consultation online or offline, you are shown Video Testimonials.
Pressure Garments, Caps And BandagesAfter liposuction surgery, wearing a Pressure garment aids in your body’s recovery and improves your comfort as you mend.To attain a smoother Tummy tuck result wear a compression garment.
Medical Visa For Foreign PatientsYes, Medical Visa Invitation Letter is provided.A medical visa invitation letter must be mailed to receive the services of Medical Visa for Foreign Patients.
International Patient ServicesMedical Visa Application Support. Language Translation. Food Arrangements. Airport Pickup and Drop. Local Transfers. Sight Seeing. Accommodation Booking. SIM Card and Currency Exchange.Interpreters, Choice of International cuisines, Sightseeing, Travel and stay in the tourist location, Mobile Sim Cards, Aftercare through video consultation with the treating doctor
Admission RequiredIn PatientIn Patient
Results PermanentAs long as weight doesn’t change, liposuction results are long-lasting.Results of Tummy Tuck are permanent.
Advance Payment RequirementAdvance Payment Requirement to book an appointment and get hospital supportAdvance Payment Requirement to book an appointment or get cross consultation
EMI Options AvailabilityEMI Options Available for PackagesEMI Options Available for Tummy Tuck Packages
Package Cost IncludesConsultation with Liposuction Surgeon, Surgeon Fees, Anesthesia Fees, Routine Medicines, Tests required before Liposuction SurgeryConsultation with Tummy Tuck Surgeon, Operation Theatre, Anesthesia Fees, Surgeon Fees, Routine Consumables, Routine Medicines, Hospital Charges, Tests required before Tummy Tuck Surgery
Package Cost ExcludesCross Consultations, Stay in Hotel beyond the package period, Professional charges of other consultants, Extra requested services, Treatment of Pre-Existing medical conditions, Stay in Hospital beyond the package period,Extra requested services, Stay in Hospital beyond the package period, Stay in Hotel beyond the package period, Treatment of Pre-Existing medical conditions, Treatment of Non-Procedure related conditions, Additional Antibiotic and medicines after discharge
Low Cost1200 USD$2500
Average Cost1500 USD$3200
Maximum Cost2000 USD$3500
Cost BreakupMedical Test $ 110 – $ 210 Anesthesia $ 220 -$ 330 Medicines $ 220 – $ 550 Surgeon’s fee $ 300 – $ 600 Hospital $ 640 -$ 1050 Surgical facilities $ 250 -$ 750 Post-surgery garments $ 20 – $ 110 Post-surgery consultation $ 110 – $ 210Medical Test $ 110 – $ 210 Anesthesia $ 220 -$ 330 Medicines $ 220 – $ 550 Surgeon’s fee $ 300 – $ 600 Hospital $ 640 -$ 1050 Surgical facilities $ 250 -$ 750 Post-surgery garments $ 20 – $ 110 Post-surgery consultation $ 110 – $ 210
Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck in Turkey

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