Vaginoplasty in the United Kingdom vs Turkey
Vaginoplasty in the UK vs TurkeyVaginoplasty in the United KingdomVaginoplasty in Turkey
Listing TypePlastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery
Average Experience10+ years of experience10+ years of experience surgeons
Accepting New Patients?11
Performed ByBoth Male and Female SurgeonBoth Male and Female Surgeon
Insurance AcceptedIn the United Kingdom, Vaginoplasty surgery is considered cosmetic surgery, and insurance rarely covers cosmetic procedures. Insurance may cover the surgery if it can be demonstrated that it is performed for medical reasons.National Insurance Global Insurance
Education Qualification RequiredDegree in Medicine Surgical Training Plastic Surgery TrainingBachelor’s Degree In Medicine MD In Plastic Surgery Residency In Reconstruction And Aesthetic Surgery
MembershipsMembership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) Royal Society of MedicineInternational Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Turkish Medical Association
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Types Of SurgeryDesigner Vagina Vaginal Rejuvenation Clitoral Hood Reduction G Spot Enhancement G Shot O Shot Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Mons ReductionIntestinal Peritoneal McIndoe Buccal mucosa Penile-inversion
Techniques UsedIntestinal or Sigmoid. Peritoneal. McIndoe. Buccal Mucosa. Penile Inversion.
International Patients Come From MainlyIndia, Canada, GermanyGermany Canada USA Mexico
Required LicensesCare Quality CommissionJoint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JCAHO)
ExperienceThe surgeons in the United Kingdom have over 15 years of experience and perform thousands of plastic surgeries each year with a high success rate. The hospitals in the United Kingdom use cutting-edge technology and employ highly trained personnel. Patients in the UK have given many positive reviews to surgeons in the past.The surgeons in Turkey have 15+years of experience, performing Vaginoplasty with effectiveness. The hospitals in Turkey have special assistance for International patients, their accommodation, visa assistance, food, translator, and many other things. Past patients are very satisfied with Vaginoplasty in Turkey.
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Tests Required Before SurgerySmear test, Pregnancy testPelvic Exam
Recovery Time And ProcessThe recovery period following a vaginoplasty should last six weeks.1-2 hospital stays 6 weeks of recovery.
Surgery Duration2 Hrs4-6 Weeks
Success Rate99.93%99.92%
Time Required For Final Results2-3 months1-2 months
Payment OptionsCredit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, Online Banking, Cheques.Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, Online Banking, Cheques.
Insurance Payment ProcessingNational InsuranceNational Insurance
Side EffectsBleeding, Infection, scarring of tissue.Vaginal stenosis, Vesicovaginal fistula, Inadequate depth of the vagina.
Botched SurgeriesWhen a surgeon conducts the technique poorly due to inexperience or lack of training, it results in a botched surgery.A botched surgery can occur when a surgeon who lacks expertise or training performs the procedure badly.
Package Cost IncludesConsultation with the surgeon, Procedure, Operation theatre cost, Medications, All post-operative assessments, 24*7 emergency helpline for assistanceAnesthesia, Medicines, Surgeon’s fee, Hospital Charges, Surgical facilities, Post-surgery, Garments, Post-surgery consultation
Anesthesia RequiredWhile Vaginoplasty can certainly be performed under general anaesthesia,General Anesthesia
Discounts AvailabilityDiscounts are available for multiple surgeries.Discounts are available on multiple Surgery.
Online Video ConsultationFor the convenience of a foreign patient, online video consultation is available.For Advance Paid Patients, online video consultation is available.
Before And After PhotosFollowing an online consultation With prior patients’ permission, before and after photos are shared.During Consultation, you can also ask for before and after photos. It is available on the website or the hospital is providing it.
Discussion With Past PatientsIf requested, the hospital will arrange a meeting with previous patients following the consultation.A meeting will be arranged with past patients after the consultation.
Video TestimonialsDuring the consultation, video testimonials from previous patients are shown.Video Testimonials are shown after consultation.
Pressure Garments, Caps And BandagesAfter the surgery, post-operative compression garments assist in maintaining consistent and uniform pressure on the skin and deeper tissues.Compressive garments can help prevent postoperative edema, hematoma, and seroma formation.
Medical Visa For Foreign PatientsForeign patients are given special assistance by UK hospitals in the form of medical visa invitation letters.Medical Visa assistance is provided by the hospital.
International Patient ServicesTravel assistance Virtual video consultations Comfortable hospital stay Pre and post-operative stay Follow up consultation Translator Organize trips to major tourist attractionsAirport Pickup and drop, Local Transfers, Interpreture, Accommodation, SIM Cards
Admission RequiredIn PatientIn Patient
Results PermanentEven though the results of a vaginoplasty are long-term, they are not permanent because the vagina muscles will eventually age.The results of Vaginoplasty are permanent, but pregnancy and vaginal childbirth may alter them slightly.
Advance Payment RequirementAdvance Payment Requirement to book an appointment for VaginoplastyAdvance Payment Requirement to book an appointment
EMI Options AvailabilityEMI Options Available for Vaginoplasty PackagesEMI Options Available for Vaginoplasty Packages
Package Cost IncludesLocation of clinic or hospital, Surgeon Credentials and Experience, Method of liposuction, How many areas are being treatedConsultation with Surgeon Tests required before Surgery Anesthesia Fees Routine Consumables Hospital Charges
Package Cost ExcludesStay in Hospital beyond the package period, Professional charges of other consultants, Cross Consultations, Surgeon Investigations, Additions Fat removal apart from packageStay in Hotel beyond the package period Treatment of Pre-Existing medical conditions Cross Consultations Professional charges of other consultants
Low Cost1200 USD$2000
Average Cost1450 USD$2200
Maximum Cost2000 USD$2800
Cost BreakupMedical Test $ 160 – $ 260 Anesthesia $ 270 -$ 360 Medicines $ 280 – $ 520 Surgeon’s fee $ 300 – $ 600 Hospital $ 600 -$ 1000 Surgical facilities $ 210 -$ 710 Post-surgery garments $ 30 – $ 110 Post-surgery consultation $ 110 – $ 220Medical Test $ 130 – $ 220 Anesthesia $ 220 -$ 320 Medicines $ 220 – $ 520 Surgeon’s fee $ 310 – $ 610 Hospital $ 620 -$ 1000 Surgical facilities $ 210 -$ 710 Post-surgery garments $ 30 – $ 110 Post-surgery consultation $ 110 – $ 220
Vaginoplasty in the United Kingdom vs Turkey

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