Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast Augmentation in Turkey

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Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination for low-cost plastic surgery, and the doctors there have a long track record of producing excellent results. Women from all over the world travel to Turkey for Breast Augmentation procedures because it is a well-known procedure with the best results. Women who have this procedure done to feel more confident and have their internal insecurities removed.

Breast Augmentation cost in Turkey

Breast Augmentation cost in Turkey Average Cost (Turkish Lira) Average cost (USD)
Breast Augmentation in Turkey ₺69000 $3900


Breast augmentation is performed by skilled surgeons in Turkey; the average surgeon has over 10 years of experience. Staff members at the hospital are highly qualified and provide specialized services to patients from other countries. Hospitals in Turkey provide excellent care and use cutting-edge technology, 3D technologies, and equipment to achieve the best results.

Areas of Expertise

  • Silicone implants
  • Saline implants

Surgery Cost

Low Cost
Maximum Cost
Average Cost
  • Medical Test $ 140 – $ 210
  • Anesthesia $ 230 -$ 340
  • Medicines $ 235 – $ 545
  • Surgeon’s fee $ 310 – $ 610
  • Hospital $ 650 -$ 1060
  • Surgical facilities $ 230 -$ 730
  • Post-surgery garments $ 40 – $ 150
  • Post-surgery consultation $ 160 – $ 240

Required Education Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree In Medicine
  • MD In Plastic Surgery
  • Residency In Reconstruction, Plastic And Aesthetic Surgery

Required Memberships

  • Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons,
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Required Registrations

Required Licenses
JCI certified


Online Video Consultation
Online video consultations are available to make things simpler for international patients.
Video Testimonials
Video testimonies from prior patients are played throughout the consultation.
Discussion with Past patients
A meeting with former patients to hear about their experiences will be set up upon request.
Insurance Payment Processing
National Insurance
Advance Payment Requirement
Advance Payment Requirement to book an appointment
EMI Options Availability
EMI Options Available
Discounts Availability
On anniversaries, discounts are offered in Turkey.
Payment Options
Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit or Debit cards.

Surgery Details

Techniques used
Ideal Implant
Admission Required
In Patient
Results Permanent
Permanent results are provided via fat transfer for breast augmentation.
Anesthesia Required
General anaesthesia is necessary for breast augmentation.
Before and After Photos
During consultations, patients are shown before and after pictures.
Tests Required before Surgery
Time required for final results
3-6 months
Pressure Garments, Caps and Bandages
Wearing a compression garment after a Breast Augmentation helps your body mend and makes you more comfortable while you recover.
Recovery Time and Process
In Turkey, a breast augmentation typically takes one to three hours to do, requires one day in the hospital, and requires four days to recuperate from.
Surgery Duration
1-3 hrs
Side Effects
Breast pain,
Changes in nipple and breast sensation.
Success Rate
Botched Surgeries
A botched surgery can occur when a surgeon who lacks expertise or training performs the procedure badly.
Package Cost Includes
Surgeon’s fee,
Hospital Charges,
Surgical facilities,
Post-surgery consultation,

Insurance Accepted

  • National Insurance,
  • Global Insurance

Package Cost Details

Package Cost Includes
Anesthesia Fees,
Surgeon Fees,
Consultation with surgeon,
Tests required before Surgery,
Operation Theatre,
Routine Consumables,
Routine Medicines,
Hospital Charges
Package Cost Excludes
Professional charges of other consultants (If required)
Stay in Hospital beyond the package period
Extra requested services like Laundry, Telephone, special meals, etc.
Stay in Hotel beyond the package period
Cross Consultations

Medical Visa for Foreign Patients

Medical Visa for Foreign Patients
Hospitals write letters to patients asking them to apply for medical visas.

International Patient Services

International Patients come from mainly
International Patient Services
Airport Pickup and Drop,
Local Transfers,
Medical Visa Application Support,
Accommodation Booking,
SIM Card


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