Breast Reduction in Turkey

If you are considering Breast Reduction in Turkey and seeing your possibilities, which offer reasonable treatment options. Istanbul is Turkey’s foremost destination for breast reduction procedures but for those looking for a good deal without cutting on quality, other places offer a more reasonable alternatives, such as Izmir, Alanya, and Kusadasi. The Turkish cities offer more economical prices while keeping high standards of care. The average breast reduction cost in Turkey is €1800 on the lesser end, reaching up to €4000. The surgeon’s knowledge, the procedure used, and the place of the hospital contribute to the procedure price.

Breast reduction in Turkey means having the best quality treatment at low costs and experiencing patient care accredited by international health authorities. Breast reduction cost in Turkey is £2900 on average, but it can vary depending on anesthesia, medicines, post-surgical bras (breast compress), and other medical expenses. Prominent hospitals and clinics with international accreditations have world-class surgeons and experts with years of experience in breast reduction.

Breast reduction in Turkey, also named a reconstructive plastic surgery operation, is used in many clinics and hospitals. However, it should favor a professional doctor and a good quality clinic or hospital for the procedure. Breast reduction surgery in Turkey has become very common in recent years. In You can compare the breast reduction cost in Turkey and search for the clinics for breast reduction in Turkey that is right for you.

Breast Reduction Cost in Turkey

The breast reduction cost, including the operation in the United Kingdom and Europe, can vary between £4500 and £6500. If you want to add post-operative care, it will be an additional £400 – £800.

Breast Reduction Cost in Turkey

Breast Reduction Cost in TurkeyAverage Cost (US Dollar)Average Cost (Turkish Lira)
Anchor Scar Breast Reduction$2,200₺39,600
Vertical Breast Reduction$2,300₺41,400
Breast Reduction by Liposuction$2,200₺39,600
Lollipop Breast Reduction$2,450₺44,100
Inverted T Breast Reduction$2,350₺42,300
Anchor Breast Reduction$2,400₺43,200
Reduction Mammoplasty$2,450₺44,100
Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction$2,350₺42,300
Horizontal scar Breast Reduction$2,250₺40,500
Vertical scar Breast Reduction$2,150₺38,700
Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction$2,250₺40,500
Wise pattern Breast Reduction$2,200₺39,600

Breast reduction service in Turkey involves:

-Skilled and well-knowledgeable plastic surgeons

Hi-tech breast reduction surgery

-Inexpensive and comprehensive breast reduction treatment

-Desired breast volume and shape

Anchor Scar Breast Reduction Cost in Turkey

Anchor Scar Breast Reduction Cost in TurkeyAverage Cost (USD)Average Cost British Pound (GBP)

-Low-cost Anchor Scar Breast Reduction minimum cost in Ankara is $2,200, and the maximum price is £1,980, whereas the Anchor Scar Breast Reduction price in Istanbul is $2,222 and £2,000.

-In Anchor Scar Breast Reduction Cost in Antalya, Turkey, is $2,310(£2,079), and in Izmir, the Anchor Scar Breast Reduction price is $2,354(£2,119).

-Affordable Anchor Scar Breast Reduction costs in Bursa are $2,332 and GBP 2,099, while in Adana, anchor scar breast reduction costs $2,321 and £2,089.

-The Gaziantep, Turkey, the Anchor Scar Breast Reduction cost is $2,332(£2,099), and in Konya, Turkey, the Anchor Scar Breast Reduction cost is $2,365(£2,129).

Breast Reduction Cost Comparison in Turkey

Breast Reduction in CountriesBreast Reduction Cost 
UK£ 8500
Ireland€ 6.38
Canada7500 CAD

What is Breast Reduction?

Reduction mammoplasty (also named breast reduction and reduction mammaplasty) is the plastic surgery method for decreasing the volume of large breasts, in a breast reduction surgery for recreating a functional bust that is proportional to the woman’s body. Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of breasts by eliminating fat, skin, and other tissues.

People make breast reduction for diverse reasons involving neck or back pain and self-confidence. In addition, it is an outpatient technique. Consequently, Breast reduction surgery creates scars, which the clothing conceals. Therefore, discussing blemishing with the surgeon and your expectations is significant.

Why is Breast Reduction Performed?

Breast reduction surgery is intended for women who have big breasts and want to resolve problems such as:

 -Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain that needs pain medications

 -Chronic rash or skin irritation under the breasts

  -Nerve pain

   -Limited activity

   -Poor self-esteem related to large breasts

   -Problem in fitting into bras and clothing

Breast reduction surgery usually isn’t suggested if you:


-Have specific problems including diabetes or heart problems


 -Want to avoid scars on the breasts

-If you are planning to for pregnancy

-Traditionally, losing weight can also decrease breast size, so the need for going breast reduction is futile.

Types of Breast Reduction

Anchor Scar Breast Reduction: The anchor-shaped incision in breast reduction surgery lets the surgeon eliminate extra breast tissue, fat, and skin and raises the nipple and areola. After the excess tissue is destroyed, the surgeon takes the skin beneath the breast together with a suture. The average breast reduction surgery takes two to four hours to complete. The Anchor Scar Breast Reduction Surgery cost in Turkey is ₺39,600 and $2,200.

Vertical Breast Reduction: The vertical, or “lollipop” breast lift is fit for women with mild to acute ptosis. This procedure removes unwanted extra skin and restructures the whole breast, which makes hidden scars. A vertical breast reduction is perfect for those who want a medium amount of breast tissue eliminated and have little extra skin and nipple drooping (ptosis). The benefit of vertical breast reduction surgery is that it decreases scarring, enhances shape, long-term shape-retaining, and good teat sensation. A Vertical Incision Breast reduction is perfect for those who desire a mild to a reasonable reduction in breast size or those with visible sagging who would like more substantial restructuring and boosting of the breast tissue. Vertical breast reduction price in Turkey is ₺41,400($2,300).

Breast Reduction by Liposuction: Liposuction breast reduction allows a quick procedure with little difficulties and easy recovery and can provide a suitable substitute to traditional breast reduction surgery in several patients. Liposuction has developed into the most common surgical technique in plastic surgery. Breast liposuction, a kind of reduction mammoplasty, is a technique to decrease the size of big breasts surgically. This liposuction procedure is the best surgery; if you are searching for a lift, alteration to breast outline, or evenness. Breast reduction by liposuction cost in Turkey is ₺39,600 whereas USD 2,200.

Lollipop Breast Reduction:  Also termed as vertical lift, this cut starts to fix the anchor; it circles the areola and spreads downward. Surgery is suitable for women who need an average amount of surgical improvement; the lollipop breast lift includes a surgical cut in a ring around the areola, along with a straight slit running from the lowermost of the areola to the mid of the breast fold. Lollipop breast reduction cost in Turkey is ₺44,100 while $2,450.

Inverted T Breast Reduction: The inverted “T” mastopexy is the typical procedure for breast lifting. Breast lifting surgery has its name because of the marked outline formed in the middle and along the base of the breast. With this procedure, part of the scar is the outline of an upside-down “T.” This technique is perfect for those women with large wilting or wanting a significant reduction in breast volume. Unfortunately, though, this method also needs extensive downtime. Inverted T breast reduction price in Turkey is ₺42,300 and $2,350.

Anchor Breast Reduction: The inverted-T breast decrease includes three cuts: one around the breast outline of the areola, one vertically from the tit to the breast folds, and one formed along the crease under the breast. Since this method lets the maximum degree of tissue elimination and redesigning, cosmetic surgeons will mainly use this procedure if a patient needs a considerable breast size reduction and has significant drooping or unevenness to correct. Anchor breast reduction cost in Turkey is ₺43,200($2,400).

Reduction Mammoplasty: Breast reduction surgery, also named reduction mammaplasty, is used to eliminate extra fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. If you have big breasts, opt for breast reduction surgery to ease uneasiness or get a breast volume proportionate to the body. It can also do it on men with gynecomastia. It benefits those with considerably big and bulky breasts and can be the reason for chest and back pain. Reduction mammoplasty price in Turkey is ₺44,100 and USD 2,450.

Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction: In a free nipple reduction, the nipple is eliminated from the breast and rejoined as a skin graft. A free nipple graft is for gigantomastia. Nevertheless, it is also suitable in severe macromastia, when a big, massive pedicle may hinder adequate decrease and ideal outline, and in patients with fatty breasts and upturned tits. Low-priced Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction cost in Turkey is ₺4is 2,300 whereas $2,350.

Horizontal Scar Breast Reduction: The main benefit of this procedure is the scar, but the fact that the breast mass left at the end of the surgery is in the upper portion of the breast avoids drooping long-term. The ‘no vertical scar’ (i.e., horizontal) breast reduction has the benefit of removing the vertical scar existing in both the inverted T (Wise) and vertical scar methods. The Horizontal Scar Breast reduction can lead to an inoperative look after a surgical procedure. This kind of cut is only placed inside the natural breast crease, and patients will be left with a breast reduction scar concealed inside the crease. Horizontal scar breast reduction cost in Turkey is ₺40,500($2,250).

Vertical scar Breast Reduction: The vertical scar bilateral breast reduction is a highly effective method to decrease breast size and form long-lasting esthetic enhancements. The Vertical scar breast reduction is an altered Lassus procedure, including a geometrically based and measurable presurgical design of the breast, a larger pedicle, a mid-breast division, and an intraoperative aligning of the nipple-areola complex, and occasionally a peri-areolar skin surgical treatment. The Vertical Scar breast reduction price in Turkey is ₺38,700($2,150).

Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction: The inferior pedicle procedure is a surgical method for breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty). The pedicle technique means the surgeon leaves a fixed tissue implant (pedicle) with nerves and blood vessels that supply the breast.

A pedicle can be larger, lateral, medial, inferior, or in the midsection and can operate at any age after puberty. It gives immediate respite to neck and shoulder aches, as well as in older patients. Overall, the marks that arise from this technique restore very well. Sometimes, some redundancy may exist, which may need liposuction. Inferior pedicle breast reduction cost in Turkey is ₺40,500 and $2,250.

Wise Pattern Breast Reduction: The pattern eliminates skin in vertical and horizontal sizes, letting it elevate and coning the breast into a less ptotic outline. Wise-pattern reduction is usually used to eliminate masses in breast portions, but this method leaves a big inverted T-shaped mark. Wise pattern breast reduction is a standard procedure used to let resection breast tumors via a breast reduction procedure. Wise Pattern Breast Reduction cost in Turkey is ₺39,600 ($2,200).

Criteria for Breast Reduction

    –Must be physically healthy

    You must have a practical expectation

   – Nonsmoker

    -You are concerned about feeling that your breasts are big

    -If your breasts restrict your day-to-day activity

    -Experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pain triggered by the weight of the breasts

    -Have shoulder indentations from bra belts

   – You have skin irritation under the breast fold

Risk and Benefits of Breast Reduction

Risks are:

Breast reduction surgery possesses the same risks as any other type of major surgery:



-An adverse reaction to the anesthesia

 -Bruising is temporary


 -Elimination of or loss of sensation in the nipples and skin close to the nipples (areolae)

-Problem or inability to breastfeed

 -Alterations in the size, shape, and symmetry of the surgically changed left and right breasts can lead to additional surgery to improve your look.

Allergies to tape, suture materials, and glues

    -Blood clots

    -Breast curve and shape irregularities

    -Damage to deeper structures – like nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and lungs which are temporary or permanent

   – Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary problems

   – Extreme firmness of the breast

    -Fatty tissue deep in the skin could die (fat necrosis)

   – Fluid buildup

    Pain, which may continue

    -Poor wound healing

    -Revisional surgery is needed

    -Helplessness in breastfeeding

   -Possible loss of skin/tissue of breast where cuts meet each other

    -Potential, partial, or total loss of nipple and areola

    Skin discoloration leads to permanent pigmentation changes

-Swelling and bruising

   -It can affect specific diagnostic methods

    -Breast and nipple piercing can lead to infection

    Benefits are

Improvement in back pain. The weight of heavy breasts leads to strain and uneasiness in your back, neck, and shoulders.

-Enhanced Esthetic Appearance

 -Good fitting of clothing

-Better active lifestyle

-Better Hygiene

-Nerve Pain Relief

-Better Sleep

-Enhanced in self-confidence

Summary of Breast Reduction in Turkey

No matter how big and irregular your breasts look, you can undergo breast reduction surgery in Turkey. However, it just does not add esthetic and satisfying benefits truly; breast reduction surgical procedure can feel like having a heaviness lifted off your chest.

In addition, it can improve years of back, shoulder, and neck pain and help in enhancing your self-confidence and appearance.

A breast reduction procedure is an outpatient procedure that only takes a few hours; it can take several weeks before you can continue your activities that need physical exertion.

Discuss breast reduction surgery’s complications and advantages with your board-certified plastic surgeon. It’s important to know what breast reduction surgery involves — containing likely risks and difficulties — and set realistic hopes. Turkish clinics offer high-quality satisfying, esthetic services that strongly strive with renowned clinics and hospitals in other advanced countries.

FAQs about Breast Reduction in Turkey

What will be the success rate of breast reduction surgery in Turkey?

Breast reduction mammoplasty is found to be successful primarily in cases. Around 80% of women are satisfied with the outcomes of the surgery.

How long does breast reduction surgery take?

Overall, the surgery takes time of about three to four hours. Eliminating additional breast size (fat and glandular tissue), making an appealing outline, and sealing the wound to reduce scarring can take extra time in some patients. However, patients with really huge breasts may involve more intricate surgery.

What breast size women be eligible for a reduction surgery?

Generally, most women going for reduction have a C cup, and if you are a DD/DDD and go to a C, most expect that more than 325 cc’s will be eliminated to make that size.

-Is breast reduction surgery can be painful?

Anesthesia will be given during the method, but you can feel pain for two and three days after surgery when the anesthesia wears off. Then, the surgeon will provide you with pain medication and instruct you to place enveloped ice packs slightly over painful parts to aid with pain and inflammation.

Can breast grow back after reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is permanent. The skin, fat, and tissues eliminated in a breast reduction process are permanently destroyed and cannot grow back. However, weight gain can cause new fat to be deposited in the breasts and enlarge significantly in size.

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