Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey – Find Cost and Best Surgeons – 2022

Searching hair transplant in Turkey, if thinning up top hair or going bald concerns you. Don’t fret with advanced technology hair transplants in Turkey becomes very easy and makes us more confident with our looks. Istanbul, Turkey has lately made it to the topmost destination on the list of hair transplant procedures. The top-quality hair transplant cost in Turkey is to charge a portion of what you spend on coffee each year.

Put, the cost of a hair transplant can depend on the number of grafts transplanted, the type of technique, the surgeon’s skill, and most importantly the relatively low-cost advantage offered by a few countries. But thousands of international medical patient flocks for hair transplant in Turkey. Due to cheap prices and all-inclusive package deals, state-of-the-art medical techniques and amenities, and cutting-edge medical services to delight international patients all over the world. Meanwhile, the popular hair transplant clinics are situated in Istanbul. Therefore, the average hair transplant cost in Turkey, Istanbul is $2,200. In Turkey, overseas patients have the ease to lock in special hair transplant package deals.

The hair transplantation cost in Turkey compared to other European countries is comparatively economical. Check out the list of the best clinics and hospitals, their packages deal, and in-depth hair transplant cost estimation and detailed treatment for hair transplants in Turkey, and start preparing for your medical journey at now!

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Hair Transplant Type in Turkey
Average Cost (US Dollar)Average Cost (Turkish Lira)
Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)1 USD to 3 USD per graft20 Lira to 50 Lira per graft
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)1.2 USD to 2.5 USD per graft30 Lira to 50 Lira per graft
Dandruff Control Program$800₺14,400
Hair Fall Medical Management$900₺16,200
Robotic Hair Transplantation$1,800₺32,400
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP$1,400₺25,200
Augmented PRP$1,200₺21,600
PRFM Treatment for Hair Growth$2,000₺36,000
Hair Regen$1,000₺18,000
Hair Transplant with Scalp Micropigmentation$1,000₺18,000
Hair Transplant with Hair Cap$1,200₺21,600
Italian CNC 3D Printed Hair Restoration$1,150₺20,700
Scalp Micropigmentation$800₺14,400
Cooling Cap for Hair Retention in Chemotherapy patient$1,800₺32,400
Camouflage Fibres in Diffuse Thinning$1,750₺31,500
Hair Anti Aging$700₺12,600
Hair DNA Analysis$1,200₺21,600
Bio FUT1.3 USD to 2.8 USD per graft20 Lira to 50 Lira per graft
Bio FUE1.3 USD to 2.6 USD per graft30 Lira to 50 Lira per graft
Body Hair Transplant$800₺14,400
Super Enhanced PRP$1,300₺23,400

Turkish medical services are one of the most reasonable in the world. The average cost is 4 times low-priced compared to other countries. The hair transplant cost in Turkey differs from $500 to $8000 depending on the number of grafts of hair needed to be transplanted. The cost of a hair transplant in turkey is $2,200, where one can assume 4000 hair grafts to be transplanted to the receiver area. As a result, the average price of a hair transplant in Turkey comes to about $0.55 per graft. The estimated hair transplant cost in turkey is to the number of grafts is as follows:

Hair Transplant Graft Cost in Turkey

Number of Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey ($0.75 – $2 per graft)
750$562 – $1,500
1000$750 – $2,000
1500$1,125 – $3,000
2000$1,500 – $4,000
2500$1,875 – $5,000
3000$2,250 – $6,000
3500$2,625 – $7,000
4000$3,000 – $8,000

The hair transplant cost in Turkey depends on several variables:

-Cheap labor costs in Turkey

-Skilled medical team

-Technology used

-Post-operative care services

-Guaranteed success rate

-The number of follicles required to cover the balding area

Dandruff Control Cost in Turkey

Dandruff Control Program Cost in TurkeyAverage Cost in (USD)Average Cost British Pound (GBP)

The affordable dandruff control program cost in Turkey, Ankara, and Istanbul is $1,200(£1,080) and $1,212(£1,091) respectively.

In Antalya, the dandruff control program cost $1,260 and £1,134 whereas in Izmir its price is $1,284 and £1,156.

Bursa, Turkey, the dandruff control program cost $1,272 and GBP 1,145 while in Adana dandruff control program cost $1,266 and £1,139.

The minimum, dandruff control program cost in Gaziantep is $1,272(£1,145) in comparison to Konya the maximum dandruff control program price is $1,290(£1,161).

Hair Transplant Cost Comparison in Turkey

CountryAverage Hair Transplant Cost (Per 2500 grafts)
South Korea$6,500

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation or hair restoration is an outpatient surgical procedure that eliminates hair follicles from one place of the body, named the donor site, to a bald or balding area of the body acknowledged as the recipient site and can be done in several ways.

The treatment is mainly used to cure male pattern baldness. In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts comprising of hair follicles that are hereditarily resistant to balding e.g., in the back of the head are relocated to the bald scalp.

In addition, Hair transplantation is also used to reinstate eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, and pubic hair and to fill in marks caused by accidents or surgery including face-lifts and earlier hair transplants.

Dermatologists specializing in the skin or plastic surgeons who are experts in reconstructive surgery perform hair transplants.

Criteria for Hair Transplant

-Candidates must have healthy hair growth at the back and sides of the head to aid in donor areas. Donor parts are the area on the head from where grafts and flaps are taken.

– Individuals must be in good health

-Have realistic outlooks about hair transplant outcomes.

Additional factors, like hair color, texture, and waviness or curliness may also affect the cosmetic outcome. There are different kinds of techniques used in hair transplant surgery. Sometimes, two or more procedures are combined to get the best outcomes.

What Conditions Does Hair Transplant Treat?

There are several reasons for hair loss. Sometimes baldness is for a brief period, but it can be life-long. Hair grafts help with permanent hair loss caused by:

– Alopecia areata, is an autoimmune disorder that targets hair follicles.

  -Androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness

  -Thyroid sicknesses or hormonal imbalances

  -Traumatic damages or burns.

Types of Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a kind of hair transplant outpatient procedure done by taking specific hair follicles from your skin and replacing them in another area of your body where the hair’s sparse or absent. The FUE procedure is safe with minor complicities, such as tiny white blemishes where follicles were taken out. In very rare conditions, there can be infection or tissue death where the surgery was done. FUE is done in multiple 2 to 4-hour sittings over quite a few days.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants are performed by pulling out specific hair follicles from the skin and placing them in another place on the body. This can create the hair in the new part look denser. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) cost in Turkey is 20 Lira to 50 Lira per Graft and 1 USD to 3 USD per Graft.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and other hair transplantations are less invasive surgeries to aid in covering bald areas produced by hair loss. Men with androgenic alopecia termed male pattern baldness are good candidates for FUT. In FUT surgery, a surgeon incised a strip of skin from the back or side of your head and uproot individual hair follicles. These follicles are then implanted into the receding area of your scalp. FUT works best at covering a balding hairline formed by male pattern hair loss. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) cost in Turkey is 30 Lira to 50 Lira per Graft and 1.2 USD to 2.5 USD per Graft.

Hair Fall Medical Management: The medical management of hair loss, comprises controlling and treatment of alopecia, bald-headedness, hair thinning, and regrow of hair. Scratching of the itchy scalp may cause hair loss. Treatments for hair loss are medications and surgery, In Hair transplant surgery where permanent hair loss occurs at the top of the head. Hair restoration surgery can restore the hair you have lost. Other treatments are a healthy diet, alternative medicine, scalp reduction, etc. Hair falls medical management price in Turkey is ₺16,200($900).

Robotic Hair Transplantation: The IFA or robotic hair transplant (Automatic Follicular Implantation) is a hair restoration method helped by a robotic system that automatically evaluates, picks, and sucks up the follicles and makes them accessible to the surgical team for manual grafting, using the FUE or DHI method.

Robotic extraction can decrease the cost of a hair transplant by around 30%, making the procedure more reasonable for more patients. Non-surgical, non-painful, automatic extraction is more accurate and decreases trauma to the capillary dermis, and left no marks or traces of surgery after ten of the procedure. Robotic hair transplantation cost in Turkey is ₺32,400 and $1,800.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP: The procedure can improve male pattern baldness, restore the growth of hair transplantations and augment other cosmetic methods. The outcomes of PRP treatment are visible after a month of scalp injections, and are not long-lasting; patients may need extra injections at the direction of their doctor. PRP treatment is a three-step method.

Most PRP therapy involves three treatments 4–6 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are needed each 4–6 months. In the PRP method insert your blood into your scalp. Still, any therapy that includes injections always holds a risk of complications for example damage to blood vessels or nerves, infection, etc.  Platelet Rich Plasma PRP price in Turkey is ₺25,200 whereas USD 1,400.

Augmented PRP: Augmented PRP causes more spreading of dermal fibroblasts which forms more creation of growth factors in male & female pattern baldness. It causes a substantial stimulation of the hair follicles which makes an amplified proliferation of collagen fibers and makes improved hair density compared to standard PRP which later stops the hair reduction. Three to four sittings are needed at a gap of four weeks. After six weeks one can see a noticeable enhancement in hair density and a boost in hair growth. Affordable Augmented PRP price in Turkey is ₺21,600 and $1,200.

Hair Transplant with Scalp Micropigmentation: With micro pigmentation, small quantities of pigment are put on the scalp to imitate the hair follicles, forming a natural, denser-looking hairline. It is used to make the hair look fuller, cover scars and birthmarks, or enhance the look of a hair transplant. Scalp micro pigmentation is a procedure whereby a small amount of pigment is positioned inside the hair follicles, making it look as if you have a neatly shaved head. Scalp micro pigmentation is non-surgical and no anesthetic is essential. Micropigmentation, the time needed is around one to three hours, based on how large a part you need to be covered. Hair Transplant with Scalp Micropigmentation cost in Turkey is ₺18,000 ($1,000) whereas Scalp Micropigmentation price in turkey is ₺14,400($800).

Hair Transplant with Hair Cap: Most laser hair growth caps need low-level laser treatment technology to trigger the scalp and hair follicles. Low-level laser treatment products feature lower-strength lasers producing photons that infiltrate the scalp, aiming at the follicles. The released light is in the red light or infrared range. Laser-based tools for hair regeneration are offered for buying in many formats, such as hats, helmets, caps, combs, and headbands. Most laser hair transplants with hair caps aid in low-level laser therapy technology to activate the scalp and hair follicles. A Hair Transplant with a Hair Cap cost ₺21,600 and $1,200.

Hair Anti-Aging: As we get aged, our hair naturally loses its bounciness, protein, and melanin reduction resulting in gray hair. Hair care is an inclusive term for cleanness and cosmetology including the hair which grows from the human scalp, body hair, etc. With age, the follicles make less melanin, and that results in gray hair. Graying often starts in the 30s. Scalp hair generally commences graying at the temples and spreads to the top of the scalp and hair color turns out to be lighter, finally turning white. Hair anti-aging cost in Turkey is ₺12,600 and $700.

Bio FUT: Bio-Follicular Unit Transplantation (Bio-FUT) is a method that involves a patient’s renewing cells to boost the follicular unit transplantation process. The overall results of the Bio-FUT hair transplant procedure are significantly improved thanks to this method. A skilled surgeon can transplant thousands of implants in a single sitting. Bio-FUT hair grows and appears like natural hair. Bio-Follicular Unit Transplantation cost in Turkey is 20 Lira to 50 Lira per Graft and 1.3 USD to 2.8 USD per Graft.

Bio FUE: BIO-FUE is very similar to the FUE procedure. In this method, the growth factors are segregated from blood and re-injected into the repositioned part giving very good results for hair growth (PRP). It is helpful in the transplantation of hair but also for nourishing the current thinning hair follicles. It is an advanced procedure that is stitchless and effortless. Bio FUE is suitable for those who want to have their hair short, those who do not want a linear mark, and with restricted donor supply or scalp elasticity. Bio FUE cost in Turkey is 1.3 USD to 2.6 USD per graft and 30 Lira to 50 Lira per graft.

Body Hair Transplant: BHT (Body Hair Transplant) or BHHT (Body Hair to Head Transplant) is a hair restoration process done thru the same FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure, so it is also stitched less method. In this method, the donor part for hair is not the back of the scalp, but some other body part. Body hair transplantation can be effectively used either alone or in mixing with scalp hair in advanced stages of baldness, for helping in the cosmetic look of hairlines, and in scarring alopecia when there is less donor scalp hair. BHT’s limitation is it lasts for 24 months after the first sitting and 8 months from the last session. Body Hair Transplant cost in Turkey is ₺14,400($800).

Super Enhanced PRP: PRP injections are used in curing male pattern baldness, both in controlling hair loss and helping new hair growth. PRP can also help in increasing hair growth after hair transplants. It is not a permanent process but is effective for up to 18 months on average with a maximum of two years. Super Enhanced PRP cost in Turkey is ₺23,400 and $1,300.

Risk and Benefits of Hair Transplant

As with any surgery, a hair transplant procedure also has some risks but is temporary. These contain:

Allergic reaction to anesthesia

-Excess blood loss.

-Unsuccessful implants(grafts) or flaps


-Loss of feeling on the scalp


-Crust or scabs


 -Pain or throbbing



Benefits of Hair Transplant

Possible benefits of hair transplant include

-Head becomes full of hair with fewer bald areas

-Enhanced self-confidence

-Permanent hairlessness solution

Summary of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation is a safe and effective choice to cure the problem of hair loss. Many men and women go for this surgery to bring back their hair density and enhance their looks and confidence.

Turkey is the most popular destination among international medical tourists because of tremendous assistance like cheap prices, hospitable customer care, and advanced surgery.

Several people who suffer from partial or total baldness are searching for the low-priced and best place to transplantation of hair in Turkey. However, it’s important to do plenty of exploring to find a reputable clinic that delivers good quality service including the best-qualified surgeon, type of procedure, the number of prerequisites for grafts, the location, and the comprehensive package at an affordable cost.

The hair transplant surgery may be a choice if other hair growth treatments fail. There are various hair transplant procedures. So, it’s important to discuss with your doctor to select the technique that will best meet the goals.

FAQs about Hair Transplant in Turkey

-What will be the success rate of hair transplants in Turkey?

The success rate of hair transplantations in Turkey is directly linked to a clinic or hospital team. Plastic surgeons and technicians with good experience and training can accomplish high success rates (e.g., 98% out of 100).

-How much do 2000 grafts cost in Turkey?

In hair replacement, 2000 grafts are almost equal to 5000 hair strands. The price of 2000 grafts is between €1,500, and € 4,500. In comparison, the hair transplant cost of 2000 grafts in Turkey will not be so different than 4000 grafts of hair transplant or 3000 hair grafts. As most hair transplant clinics provide all-inclusive deals for maximum graft hair transplantation.

-Are the results of a hair transplant permanent?

It takes about a year before one sees the full outcomes of any hair transplant. The transplanted hair can fall out as the graft or flap rebuilds and this process is normal. The hair should restore. Individua may require several touch-up hair replacement surgeries to accomplish a natural outcome.

-Can a hair transplant be painful?

No, hair restoration is a less painful process, due to local anesthesia and post-surgery pain medicines. Whereas no surgery can be entirely painless and some temporary level of uneasiness is likely.

How we can sleep after a hair transplant?

-After a hair transplant, you can sleep on your back, facing up. Sleep with your head on a neck cushion to help keep the head raised in the right place. Avoid tossing and rotating or sleeping on your abdomen side.


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