Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

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Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty, also known as Hymen Reconstruction Surgery, is a surgical procedure that artificially restores the hymen. Surgery in Turkey is performed successfully and results are obtained. Turkey is one of Europe's least expensive countries for hymenoplasty procedures. If you are considering having a hymenoplasty procedure performed abroad, Turkey should be your first choice. In Turkey, there are experienced surgeons in this field.

Hymenoplasty costs in Turkey

Hymenoplasty costs in Turkey Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Turkish Lira)
Hymenoplasty in Turkey $1300 ₺23200


Past patients are very impressed with Turkey's plastic surgeons. Hymenoplasty surgeons are well experienced and perform surgeries successfully. Turkey is a popular destination, hospitals provide world-class services. The hospital also provides special assistance to international patients so their journey of procedure in turkey gets easier.

Areas of Expertise

  • Torn Hymen Stitching
  • Alloplant Technique
  • Hymen reconstruction

Surgery Cost

Low Cost
1200 USD
Maximum Cost
1800 USD
Average Cost
1500 USD
  • Medical Test $ 100 – $ 200
  • Anesthesia $ 200 -$ 300
  • Medicines $ 200 – $ 500
  • Surgeon’s fee $ 300 – $ 650
  • Hospital $ 630 -$ 1050
  • Surgical facilities $ 250 -$ 730
  • Post-surgery garments $ 10 – $ 130
  • Post-surgery consultation $ 150 – $ 200

Required Education Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree In Medicine
  • MD In Plastic Surgery
  • Residency In Reconstruction, Plastic And Aesthetic Surgery

Required Memberships

  • Turkish Medical Association
  • European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Required Registrations

Required Licenses
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JCAHO)


Online Video Consultation
Online video consultation is available for overseas patients.
Video Testimonials
Video Testimonials are available during physical consultation.
Discussion with Past patients
After consultation, contact details of past patients are shared based on patient consent.
Insurance Payment Processing
National Insurance
Advance Payment Requirement
For consultation or cross consultation, advance payment is required.
EMI Options Availability
EMI Options Available for Hymenoplasty Packages
Discounts Availability
On multiple surgeries, discounts are available.
Payment Options
Credit Cards, Cash, Online Banking, Cheques, Mobile banking

Surgery Details

Techniques used
Primary repair,
Lateral wall flap technique,
Submucosal suture technique,
Cerclage technique.
Admission Required
In Patient
Results Permanent
Hymen repair is not regarded as a long-term procedure, hymen will remain fixed till it breaks once more.
Anesthesia Required
Under general anesthesia, surgeons find it easier to perform surgery.
Before and After Photos
Before and After Photos are available on request and shown during Consultation.
Tests Required before Surgery
Surgery does not require any mandatory tests.
Time required for final results
3 months
Recovery Time and Process
Healing takes one month. After one to two months, the stitches fall out and the scar is almost undetectable.
Surgery Duration
30 minutes
Side Effects
Unusual or foul-smelling discharge,
Intense itching.
Success Rate
Botched Surgeries
Rarely any botched Hymenoplasty case can found in Turkey.
Package Cost Includes
Surgeon’s fee
Hospital Charges
Surgical facilities
Medical Tests Before Surgery

Insurance Accepted

  • National Insurance
  • Global Insurance

Package Cost Details

Package Cost Includes
Anesthesia Fees
Surgeon Fees
Routine Medicines
Operation Theatre
Routine Consumables
Package Cost Excludes
Stay in Hotel beyond the package period
Treatment of Pre-Existing medical conditions
Treatment of Non-Procedure related conditions
Additional Antibiotic and medicines after discharge
Additions Implants apart from package

Medical Visa for Foreign Patients

Medical Visa for Foreign Patients
Hospitals send Medical Visa Invitation letters to foreign patients and help them obtain Turkish medical visas.

International Patient Services

International Patients come from mainly
International Patient Services
SIM Card
Currency Exchange
Sight Seeing
Language Translation
Food Arrangements



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