Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey – Find Cost and Best Surgeons – 2022

Whether you are unhappy with the size, or shape of your nose, whether because of a natural outline or after the accident, its form changed, or if you are experiencing breathing problems, then Rhinoplasty in Turkey is the answer for you. Rhinoplasty in Turkey is the most common surgery among patients, commonly chosen to redesign nose imperfections such as a deviated septum or to make a nose reduction. People keen to attain a more elegant facial harmony opt for Rhinoplasty in Turkey as the best lucrative and exemplary service internationally. Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is done at a reasonable price, from nose restructuring to nose lift or nose tip surgery.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey has become popular among international patients because of its top-notch rhinoplasty surgeons and world-class medical facilities. Globally, medical tourists are drawn to get procedures for Rhinoplasty in Turkey because it has renowned surgeons with world-class clinics and hospitals that provide attractive cheap low-cost Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

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Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

Turkey is famous for its aesthetic cosmetic surgery, and the requirement for every individual varies according to Rhinoplasty. In addition, the Rhinoplasty cost in turkey differs due to the operation technique, the experienced Surgeons, the hospital location, the level of irregularity, and the other operations opted.

The average cost for a nasal- job in the USA is $12,000, $15,000.

Rhinoplasty costs in the Middle East range from 5600 € to 11500 €. Similarly, the nose-job price in Brazil is 4000-8000$.

However, in Istanbul, Turkey, the rhinoplasty price is much lower; the average first surgery is $ 5000; other costs are added in revision surgeries by $500-1000 depending on the length of the surgery and the use of rib cartilage, etc.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

Rhinoplasty Cost in TurkeyAverage Cost (US Dollar)Average Cost (Turkish Lira)
Open Revision Rhinoplasty$2,200₺39,600
Closed Nose Job$2,300₺41,400
Revision Tiplasty$2,500₺45,000
Filler Rhinoplasty$2,200₺39,600
Revision Rhinoplasty$2,500₺45,000

Open Revision Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

Open Revision Rhinoplasty Cost in TurkeyAverage Cost (USD)Average Cost British Pound (GBP)

The affordable open revision rhinoplasty cost in Turkey Ankara and Istanbul is 2,200 and 2,222 USD, while for GBP, it is 1,980 and £2,000.

In comparison, open revision rhinoplasty costs in Turkey of Antalya and Izmir are $2,310 and $2,354, whereas the minimum average price in the British pound is £2,079 (£2,119).

The low-cost open revision rhinoplasty cost in Turkey Bursa is $2,332(£2,099), while in Adana open revision rhinoplasty price is $2,321(£2,089).

Similarly, Gaziantep open revision rhinoplasty cost is $2,332 and £2,099, and Konya open revision rhinoplasty price is £2,129.

Rhinoplasty Cost Comparison in Turkey

Nose Job ProcedureTurkeyUKUSAAustraliaGermany
Open Rhinoplasty$2,000  $3,500 $3,000 $4,000 $6,000
Closed Rhinoplasty$2,500  $4,000 $3,500 $4,500 $5,500
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty$3,000 $5,000$4,000$5,500$6,500
Endoscopic Rhinoplasty$2,500  $4,000 $3,500 $3,500 $4,500
Ethnic Rhinoplasty$2,500  $4,000 $4,000 $4,500 $6,500
Revision Rhinoplasty$3,000  $5,000 $4,500 $5,000 $7,000
Septo-Rhinoplasty$2,000 $4,000$3,500$4,000$5,000
Liquid Rhinoplasty(non-surgical rhinoplasty)$1,000 $3,000$2,500$3,000$4,500

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty also called a nose job and medically known as nasal reconstruction, is a plastic surgery method for changing and restructuring the nose. Rhinoplasty can modify the size, shape, or proportions of your nose. In addition, done to repair irregularities from an injury, correct a birth flaw, or improve some breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can alter bone, cartilage, skin, or all three.

There are two kinds of plastic surgery used for Rhinoplasty are:

-Reconstructive surgery reinstates the form and functions of the nose.

-Cosmetic surgery alters the aspect of the nose.

Closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty surgeries are performed by a plastic surgeon, an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist), and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is a doctor of the jaw face, and neck expert.

 What can Rhinoplasty Treat?

-Nose proportions relative to facial balance.

-Width of the Nose at the bridge or in the dimensions and placement of the nostrils.

 -The nose contour with noticeable humps or depressions on the bridge.

 -Nasal tip that is enlarged, bulging, drooping, inverted, or curved.

 -Nostrils that are big, broad, or overturned.

– A Nasal unevenness.

Looking for a more symmetrical nose, remember every person’s face is asymmetric. As a result, it cannot be entirely symmetric, though the purpose is to make facial balance and accurate size.

Why Rhinoplasty is Done?

People may have Rhinoplasty for:

 -Correcting a birth flaw

  -Making total appearance better

 -Open blocked nasal routes caused by impairment to the septum, the bone, and cartilage that splits the nostrils (deviated septum).

  -Restoration of a facial fissure, for example, a broken nose

 – Reinstate breathing function due to cancer treatments, traumatic damage, or burns.

– Straightening the bridge

-Create a nose smaller or alteration in its shape.

Who Qualifies for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty criteria is:

-Must have grown or above 18 age and in good health condition

 -Do not smoke

-Understand the restrictions of nose surgery (it did not give you a perfect appearance)

  -Want the surgery for your own sake

Kinds of Rhinoplasty

Types of rhinoplasty Surgery include:

Open Revision Rhinoplasty: Revision rhinoplasty, also denoted as secondary Rhinoplasty, is a process in which a facial plastic surgeon addresses problems you may be facing from an earlier rhinoplasty done by another surgeon and wants an improvement in the appearance and the function of the nose. Revision rhinoplasty needs cartilage for structural hold for the tip and bridge of the nose. If you are pondering revision Rhinoplasty, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who has significant experience with Rhinoplasty. Only qualified rhinoplasty surgeons can see revision cases. Open revision rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is ₺39,600 and $2,200.

Closed Nose Job: Closed Rhinoplasty is mentioned as endonasal Rhinoplasty, and any cuts and restructuring are done in the nostrils. It is used when the patient wishes for minor corrections and reshaping of the nose tip. Close rhinoplasties are usually considered safe. A skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon carries out closed Rhinoplasty. The method typically takes 1 to 2 hours. It needs a week of thorough healing and no work for some time. A closed nose job cost in Turkey is ₺41,400 while $2,300.

Revision Tiplasty: Tiplasty is a surgical procedure that changes the nasal tip enhancement. It benefits those who feel the tip of their nose looks too spherical or round. Tiplasty depends on each patient’s needs and concerns. It generally involves reshaping the present cartilage in the patient’s nose. Revision nose tiplasty is a follow-up after primary surgery. It is done for functional problems, aesthetic concerns, or both that drive the necessity for revision surgery. Revision rhinoplasty helps in the contouring, shaping, or nose function issues. The revision tiplasty surgery cost in Turkey is ₺45,000 and USD 2,500.

Filler Rhinoplasty: Nonsurgical filler rhinoplasty or a liquid nose job, or nonsurgical nose job is a cosmetic practice where dermal fillers are applied to temporarily transform the shape of the nose. It’s a substitute surgery for people who do not desire to go for plastic surgery. This treatment is completed in one visit. Although results last six months depending on the dermal filler used, outcomes may last for more time. Filler rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is ₺39,600($2,200).

Revision Rhinoplasty: Revision Rhinoplasty, or secondary Rhinoplasty, is a helpful aesthetic nasal surgery method executed after another surgeon has a prior rhinoplasty nose surgery. The process may improve both aesthetic and functional glitches. Suitable candidates who qualify for revision rhinoplasty should be healthy patients above sixteen with realistic goals for enhancing nose-job. The cheaper revision rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is ₺45,000, and the minimum average price is $2,500.

What is Rhinoplasty Procedure?

How to Prepare

Before preparing for a rhinoplasty procedure, meet the surgeon to talk about essential factors that whether the surgery works well for you or not and your expectation.

A surgeon will recommend you for some physical and blood tests and ask questions about your medical history. The surgeon will advise you to stop taking some medication before and after surgery.

The doctor will use photos for before-and-after assessments, references through surgery, and long-term analyses. Finally, a doctor will tell you about the rhinoplasty procedure and what the outcome could be.

What to Expect

Rhinoplasty does not have a systematic sequence of steps. Each surgery is exclusive and personalized for the definite anatomy and goals of the patient for doing the surgery.

During the Surgery

Rhinoplasty needs local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on how complex your surgery is and what your surgeon chooses. You will receive anesthesia via IV intravenous line.

Rhinoplasty operated in the inner portion of the nose or via a small cut in the nose base, between nostrils. A surgeon can alter the shape of the nasal bones or cartilage in many ways, depending on face symmetry, nose structure, and available materials. The doctor will monitor you for any complications and risks in a recovery room. You might leave after a day or stay overnight if you have health issues.

After the Surgery

After the surgery, during the bed rest, your head is elevated higher than the chest to lessen bleeding and swelling. In addition, the nose is choked due to inflammation or splints positioned inside the nose at the surgery.

To further lower decrease the bleeding and swelling, surgeons will advise you on the following precaution such as:

-Avoid energetic activities like aerobics and jogging.

 -Take baths instead of showers while having dressings on the nose.

 -Do not blow your nose.

 -Eat high-fiber foods, including fruits and vegetables, to prevent constipation as it can strain and pressure the surgery location.

 -Steer away from making extreme facial expressions, like smiling or laughing.

  -Gently brush your teeth to constrict the movement of the upper lip.

   -Wear clothes that attach from the front. Don’t pull clothing, like shirts or sweaters, over your head.

In addition, don’t put eyeglasses on the nose around four weeks after the surgery to avoid any pressure on the nose.

-Follow-up care appointments and instructions with surgeons are necessary after Rhinoplasty.

Risk and Complications/Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Risks are:

 -Nose Bleeding

-Infection, and

-Allergic reaction to anesthesia


  -Scarring at the base of the nostril

  -Rupture of small blood vessels on the skin’s surface of the nose


    -Permanent nerve destroyed

    -Revision operation is required

Benefits are:

-Increase or reduction the dimensions of the nose.

 -Do the nostrils reshape

  -Decrease the nose tip

    -Lessen the nose bridge

    -Improve the balance and harmony between other facial traits

   – Gives a positive result on the overall facial esthetic

    -Correct difficulties linked with a deviated septum

    -Enhances breathing

Summary of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

The rhinoplasty method redesigns and restructures the nose for esthetic reasons or to fix trauma and make breathing easier. Selecting an experienced surgeon is a big decision and requires thorough research before going for a nose job.

Medical clinics offer the best packages for Rhinoplasty in turkey, but you need to choose the best that caters to your requirement in terms of cost-efficient and the best surgeon.

Even small changes in the shape of the nose can make a massive change in how your nose appears. A skilled plastic surgeon can usually get outcomes that you are pleased with. But in some cases, the minor changes are not enough, and the surgeon might want to do a second revision surgery for additional changes.

For this condition, must wait at least a year for the additional revision surgery because the nose can go through variations. Getting a nose-job procedure is a big decision. Discuss with your healthcare specialist the apprehensions, and learn more about the results and recovery risks associated with Rhinoplasty.

FAQs about Rhinoplasty in Turkey

-When can I return to daily activities?

Follow the advice of the doctor. You may be able to go back to work in one to two weeks and do light exercise and lifting in four weeks. Do not do any strenuous work for three to four weeks.

-Is Rhinoplasty a major surgery?

It is a major surgical method.

-Can Rhinoplasty be painful?

Not for many people. After the first day of surgery, many say their pain is between 0 and 4 out of 10.

-For how many days will cause the bruise last?

Bruising is rare. If you develop minor bruising, it will take a week or so.

-How long does a nose rhinoplasty surgery take?

Rhinoplasty usually takes 1.5 to 3 hours and is typically an outpatient method.

-What is the success rate of Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty is considered the most complex facial cosmetic surgery. However, thanks to hi-tech technology and experienced surgeons, the procedure is an excellent success rate of 85% and 90%.


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